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Venice Louisiana Fishing

Many anglers travel to Venice, Louisiana, for inshore fishing opportunities. However, the city’s international reputation for fishing is also due to its offshore fishing. There are more trophy-sized fish available if you venture beyond the Mississippi Delta into the Gulf of Mexico.

Tuna is an extremely sought-after family of offshore fish species. It puts up a strong fight and tastes amazing. The two most commonly caught species in the United States are yellowfin and bluefin tuna. 

What’s the difference between Bluefin vs Yellowfin tuna? Size, color, and taste are some examples of how to tell the difference. There are also plenty of other different species of fish you can fish for, these include:

  • Swordfish
  • Grouper
  • Cobia
  • Red Snapper
  • Blue Marlin
  • Mahi-Mahi

Deep Sea Fishing

When to go Deep Sea Fishing in Venice

You can fish here all year, with many overlapping migrations as well as some permanent residents. There are peak times when particular species of fish is particularly plentiful and voracious if you’re looking for it. 

Deep sea fishing in Venice is dominated by tuna. They are known to be able to remain in the waters all year, but it is best to fish in the autumn and winter months to catch giants. The flow of the Mississippi River slows down and the clean water moves closer to shore, which can mean that you don’t even have to travel to the rigs. 

The Winter months are also a prime time for large wahoos that like the cooler temperatures and come to feed.

Kingfish and marlin are the most common species to arrive in warmer months as the water temperatures rise. Although marlin can be difficult to find, they have a long peak season that lasts from spring through the summer and into fall. 

Kingfish are more active during their stay than marlin, but they have the same peak season. Like many tourists, Mahi Mahi doesn’t like cool water. They are most active during the summer months, but it can be a frenzy.

The federal red snapper season is only in summer. However, you can catch other snapper species all year. Amberjack season is also limited, with only spring and autumn harvests allowed.

Inshore fishing

Inshore fishing

Venice offers many adventurous opportunities. if you prefer to be closer to the shore, inshore fishing may be something you’d be interested in. Within 9 miles of the coast, you can find species such as grouper, amberjack, and mackerel. Trolling and bottom fishing are both possible in this area. Trips typically last between four and six hours.

The size of an inshore fish can vary from a few inches up to 50 pounds depending on where we fish and what species we are targeting. There’s a good chance that we can catch the fish you want, no matter what species it is.

Redfish, speckled trout, and sheepshead are abundant in the Venice marsh and along the coast.

The experience is unforgettable, not only will you be able to catch so many fish every day, but also the chance to have your hands on so many different species of fish. 

Every month has its own benefits, so fishing at any time of year is possible.

Venice Fishing Charters

Any angler can get excited just reading about Venice fishing. Louisiana license plates are called “Sportsman’s Paradise” because of the high-quality fishing and hunting in the Mississippi Delta. It is arguably the best spot to fish in all of the gulfs. There are many spots to fish, located just miles away from the point where the Mississippi meets with the ocean.

A long boat ride is required to reach the best fishing waters. But not in Venice. A short boat ride off the coast will take you to deeper waters.

This allows you to get to the fish faster and spend more time fishing. Amazing inshore fishing is also available. Inshore monsters can be found in endless bayous, canals, or bays.

Venice fishing is unlike any other, whether you are fishing under an oil rig or on the water’s edge.

These guides will help you get in the action, land the fish and even give you some tips on how to cook your catch.

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