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March 2022

REALTORS: Dealing With Different Generations of Buyers

To recognize noticeable shifts in the real estate market, whether helping their clients buy a home or sell a home, Realtors need to continually stay abreast of changing real estate trends to know more about their clients’ changing wants and needs. For most of “The Greatest Generation” or “baby boomers, the idea and importance of home ownership was drilled into their heads from a very… Read More »REALTORS: Dealing With Different Generations of Buyers

Choosing a Real Estate Broker

For New Real Estate Agents: How to Choose a Broker If you just passed your real estate licensing exam, congratulations! The next step is deciding which real estate brokerage company you want to work with. There are quite a few choices. There are large real estate franchise companies, smaller, local boutique companies and individually owned brokerage firms. There are also new real estate franchises that… Read More »Choosing a Real Estate Broker

The Best Real Estate Markets In The Country

THE BEST REAL ESTATE MARKETS IN THE COUNTRY And the Real Estate Agents and Brokers that Dominate! At we scour the United States for the best real estate markets in the country.  Then we pick out the top real estate agents and brokers that specialize in that city, town or subdivision.  Then we showcase their work and assist home buyers and home sellers in… Read More »The Best Real Estate Markets In The Country